Technical Article - DELTA (2024)

Technical Article - DELTA (1)

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) provide vital backup power supply for mission critical applications and ensure the continuity of system and data center operation. When a UPS operates during a power outage, the batteries provide DC power that maintains inverter operations to support critical loads. Studies have shown that data loss from power issues is often greater than from virus attacks. IDC Research found that 33% of all server failures are due to power problems. As the importance of a reliable UPS solution for critical loads grows, it becomes increasingly crucial to safeguard against battery failure.

After a UPS is in operation, the UPS battery is the heart of the UPS in terms of availability and reliability. According to some studies, around 60% of datacenter operation downtime is caused by battery failure. Hence the continuity of battery operation is essential to UPS service availability. To ensure operation continuity, Delta UPSs are equipped with intelligent battery management to safeguard the battery and prolong UPS lifespan.

The following points demonstrate the importance of battery management:

Overcharge and deep discharge protection
Overcharging the battery can result in the battery drying out, while deep discharge may shorten your battery life. Users can set the auto discharging time to prolong battery life

Battery Temperature Compensation
The temperature compensation function can monitor battery temperature continuously and maintain an optimal temperature to extend the UPS battery life and achieve maximum performance.

Continuous Battery Monitoring
The auto or manual battery tests can be performed to detect any performance issues or problems in advance. The UPS LCD/LED panel shows the battery’s condition and its capacity in percentage format. The UPS alarm beeps to signal a remaining battery capacity warning while the UPS is in battery mode.

Remote Management
The UPS can connect to a LAN network with an SNMP card or UPSentry 2012 and InsightPower Manager Software to access and display vital information such as battery status, battery measurement, battery cabinet and replacement date on remote workstations. The easy management functionality can prevent premature battery failure, and enhance its service life and reduce battery investment.

Precautions for Battery Installation and Maintenance

In addition to using the Intelligent Battery Management system to detect malfunctions, users should take the following precautions for battery installation and regular maintenance:

  1. Only use the same type of batteries from the same supplier. Never use old, new, and different Ah batteries at the same time.
  2. The number of batteries must meet the UPS requirement.
  3. Do not connect the batteries in reverse.
  4. Keep the batteries away from fire. A battery may explode.
  5. The battery can present the risks of electrical shock and short circuiting the current.
  6. When a UPS is running for the first time, charge the UPS for at least 6-8 hours to ensure the batteries are fully charged before operation.
  7. Check the battery pack condition upon receiving it from the supplier to avoid any damage from expansion, collision, or leakage.
  8. Store the batteries in a cool and dry location.
  9. Avoid installing the batteries near the server room heat spot.
  10. Fasten the screws when connecting the batteries.
  11. The best temperature for battery operation is between 19°C to 22°C.
  12. Conduct regular maintenance.

Without a good maintenance plan or management system, batteries may fail much earlier than you expect. Delta’s innovative Intelligent Battery Management system detects battery failures in advance to protect the continuous operation of critical applications. Maximize the reliability and optimal performance of your UPS and minimize your UPS battery investment.


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Technical Article 
            - DELTA (2024)


Is Delta assessment test hard? ›

The Delta Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) is the second and most difficult assessment that candidates for flight attendant positions must pass as part of the hiring process.

Is it hard to get hired by Delta? ›

Is It Hard To Get Hired At Delta? Yes, it's very hard to get hired at Delta, and only 1-2% of applicants get hired. Delta Air Lines is one of the top airlines for flight attendants, so the competition is fierce.

How much do Delta flight attendants get paid? ›

Average Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant hourly pay in the United States is approximately $35.77, which is 35% above the national average. Salary information comes from 1,201 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisem*nts on Indeed in the past 36 months.

What is Delta looking for in talent assessment? ›

Next is the Talent Assessment to help candidates understand their strengths in the workplace. Candidates must complete and pass the assessment to continue through the interview process. Experience key aspects of the role and job situations while demonstrating problem solving, custom service and job-related skills.

How hard is it to get Delta status? ›

You earn Delta Medallion status by earning enough Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) for each tier.In Delta's status universe, you can't game the system by taking several long, cheap flights (as you can on Alaska Airlines) because you'll need to reach the minimum number of MQDs for each tier. $5,000. $10,000.

What is the acceptance rate for Delta Airlines? ›

The story first made headways in August 2018 when published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It stated that it had 270,000 fight-round applications for a meager 1,700 flight attendant jobs, a 0.6% acceptance rate.

What is the hardest airline to get a job with? ›

One airline that does not mess around with background checks and drug testing is Delta; it's one of the hardest airlines to get into as a flight attendant for those who have anything less than a squeaky-clean background.

What is the highest paying job at Delta? ›

The highest-paying job at Delta Air Lines is a Vice President Sales with a salary of $462,267 per year (estimate).

Does Delta pay employees well? ›

The average Delta Air Lines salary ranges from approximately $51,688 per year for Sales Executive to $174,700 per year for Director. Average Delta Air Lines hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.00 per hour for Sweeper to $73.04 per hour for Information Technology Manager.

Who is the highest paid airline Flight Attendant? ›

Their success means Southwest attendants are now the highest paid in the industry, making 14% more than the second-best paid in their role, the Delta flight attendants, according to the TWU.

Do flight attendants get free flights? ›

So, if you've ever wondered whether or not flight attendants get free flights, the answer is yes — mostly — with some caveats. "At a given airline, all employees receive more or less the same flight benefits," says airline pilot Patrick Smith of

Is the Delta interview hard? ›

Interview process at Delta Air Lines

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is Easy and 10 is Difficult, rating is 5.

What is the best airline to work for? ›

These include Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, and Singapore Airlines. Delta Air Lines, known for its high salaries and comprehensive benefits, consistently ranks among the best airlines to work for. Southwest Airlines is famous for its positive company culture and employee satisfaction.

How long does it take to hear back from Delta Airlines? ›

After submitting the Delta Flight Attendant OnDemand interview, typically how long does it take to hear back? It could take anywhere from 7 days to several months. Does Delta drug test FA candidates during their F2F interview? You get called and have to take it within 24 hours of the time they call you.

What is a Delta assessment? ›

The purpose of the Delta Airlines Assessment Test is to assess your abilities and suitability for the position. It measures your cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, customer service orientation and teamwork skills. Demonstrating these qualities is essential for a successful career with Delta Airlines.

What is the Delta customer service agent assessment test? ›

Delta Ticket/Customer Service Agent Assessment Tests

Situational judgement tests – These tests present you with hypothetical, yet realistic, work scenarios. Verbal reasoning tests – These tests assess your written and verbal communication skills and how quickly and accurately you analyze texts.

How hard is the flight aptitude test? ›

Aptitude tests don't need specific knowledge, but as pilot aptitude tests are specifically complicated and known to be difficult, preparing for the tests is necessary to achieve a high score. Brush up on your physics knowledge, and make sure that you spend some time on your basic maths functions.

What is the Delta Pilot assessment? ›

The Delta Air Lines pilot assessment consists of the following stages: Cut-E/AON Aptitude and Reasoning Tests. Technical Test/Interview. HR Interview.


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